Thursday, June 16, 2011

Okay,it's June 17th

Okay,the last time I posted something to this dear blog is April 27th, which means.....2 months of absence..........
Life has been rotating yet contradicting these days,isn't it naughty enough to spin off that wheel everyday? :s
So,yes,much much much things had happened.
So to compile what I had been triggered in that "time-skip",allow me to post it out starting today :)

First thing first,2nd term examination.
For real,the examination went clear and smooth as expected,the hard work pays off!!!! :D
Me and Leonard set up the target to withstand the class standard and yet both of us "roughly" completed the extreme limitation.
But unlike many other previous exams,we didn't do anything catchy thanks to the Movie Embargo,so at least we managed to go for a nice swim at cemara with 7 others :)
For your information, I just learned how to swim at the last day of 2nd term monthly exam,
and even though I already corrected my swimming "style" (LOL) with the help of @calvingustinov lately,I'm still afraid to go any further than 1.8 meter ._.

The next day,some of us who will go to the brastagi trip promised to go shopping for the class need the next day,so we decided to go to "Brastagi Supermarket Bintang Lima" BUT the one that located near Medan Fair's one, while I'm shooting for the small one at Cambridge Hotel ._.
It took more than 20 minutes for me to finally realize that I'm in a wrong place, credit goes to @kevineffendi who tried to contact and ensure my location repeatedly.
I went out of the hotel at instance and finally called a becak (my dad has just arrived at home, it's impossible to call him again) and pray I won't be late.
SURPRISINGLY, the one who has arrived was just kevin himself ._. so we taken a detour of the supermarket.
Walking with kevin inside a superb supermarket is the same as having a culinary to DIY tour, trust me, he knows his thing ;)
After an 1 hour walk,they finally arrived and the real shopping takes place.
The shopping can be fun BECAUSE :
there's @KevinEffendi as a tour guide

there's @Vero_Dj that chasing @Kenley8 with a pack of meatball in hand
there's @Rudlycorwin that tossing mentos pack like basketball
there's @Dy_ody that argue over Black Gold and Kecap Bango
there's @Calvingustinov that "sok suci" by wearing all white cloth but goes to beer section
there's @Feonajapar and #SPU that luckily to be normal, so our baggage don't lost lol
there's @IvaldyJ that "sok cool lihat sana sini rapatkan tangan" like a boss

The whole afternoon was so much fun, our cart slowly filled with the consumption or miscellaneous items.
It's just worth a laugh when you see @rudlycorwin mistook a 400IDR Durian, @calvingustinov identifying salmon and tuna's meat, @kevineffendi sent a photo of fresh beef and chicken meat to @incredible_leo (he don't like flesh) , argument over things that cheaper or better like blueband or simas,hahahaahah

In the end,we went to the cashier and pay all the lots which shockingly valued up to 850-950 IDR (my bad,I really forgot the exact number) and while @calvingustinov and @kevineffendi claimed some bonus, without a single reason somehow @rudlycorwin attention falls into Rapunzel movie played at nearby TV shop and Advance gadgets show LOL

Later on,the mans will go to Macan Yaohan to buy some other things while the girls include me will go home for the trip preparations (I myself manage the documentation thingie,so laptop,camera,media storage and things should be prepared firsthand). Another Information, calvin,ody,kenley,and corwin gonna stay at Ijo house for a night,since their house located too far from the rally point (SD Sutomo)

A question left when we finally parted,
"Even the preparation is this fun,then how would be the trip itself the next 3 days??"
That day, I maybe answered "fun" but every now and then,my mind will always says "Awesome and Irreplaceable!!!!"

Next story - Brastagi Trip :D

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