Wednesday, August 17, 2011


It's 11.51 PM sharp and there the last moment of our Nation's Independence Day closing its banquet.
Unfortunately,we as a loyal and good students (lol) who studied here at SMA SUTOMO 1 (esp us,third grader now in law) are facing our First Monthly examination test which arranged till next week,
and just for your information,our exam schedule is very LOVELY!

14 (sunday)        : ----------
15 (monday)      : Maths
16 (tuesday)       : Bahasa
17 (wednesday) : --------
18 (thursday)      : Physics
19 (friday)          : --------
20 (saturday)      : Biology
21 (sunday)        : --------
22 (monday)      : Chems
23 (tuesday)       : Civic+English

Notice the trends???
There's always a holiday just before the MAFIABIO tests and of course it provide us some handicaps to face the exam,although the exams just conducted from 1 or 2 chapter though ._.

It's nearly August 18th here, which means today we'll accept the physics 2-hours-challenge-of-mind lol
So far,we already passed Maths and Bahasa,
And me myself had done.....bad in maths........just let bygone be bygone,there's nothing worth in regretting something that already passed.
While surprisingly,I got a decent result from Bahasa (as far as I checked it,*crossing finger)
I'm just hoping that it'll help up cranked up my score since it's the "FIRST" monthly test.
Honestly, I just remember the IELTS motto/quote/whatever you called it ; "the test that sets the standard"
Isn't it cool?? hahahaha

Connecting the dots,now I'm taking the IELTS preparation class in Australia Centre Medan due to the universities/colleges requirement in the future. Well,it's our last year and of course every time left should be spent wisely, all matter should be considered and choices must be made. Taking up some example, the environment around where I'm standing should be crossed by the yellow police line with "WARNING; EXTRAORDINARY AREA" text, no?

Everyone here mostly had planned their path, while even if they didn't or doesn't yet, they got awesome foundation to stood with. Namely, IELTS 7.5-point-holders #Daniel,#Edward and many many others,seems like 7.5 is a must here; 8-point-holders @martin_yong who just studied himself in 3 days to accept the result and receive a call from Taylor's College, in par with @nathalichristy that had gone to Melbourne pursuing her tertiary study; 8.5-point-holders @ElloraLim who at the same time hold the >1900 SAT score.

Long story short, there are many famous person in the world. But in the next 30 years, positions may change and maybe you'll find that someone of your friends out there gonna be an important or influential person.
We're living in such an awesome world. :D

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