Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Hey! It's December!

Should I expressed fun and joy?? or perhaps misery??? ._.

Why I'm thankful that it's December :

  • It's a new month! (although it's repeated during a period of 2010 years)
  • Holiday is coming nearer and nearer!
  • I like Christmas and New Year atmosphere :) - Jingle"~~
  • 4 months left to graduation - I'm craving for uni life lol
  • Sherlock Holmes second movie : The Game of Shadows gonna released :D
  • Eragon's fourth book (Inheritance) gonna be published too! - I already waited for two and a half years for this!

Why I take it as a misery :
  • 1st term examination - and when the material is everything you had learned from July till now,it's sucks. And the worst, the exam started in mid December :S
  • Every assignment and project reached its deadline
  • Gonna spend the holiday cramming A-level everyday in Johnson - I know it's for my own good, but still....
  • Cancelled the crazy travelling plan with my friends :(

since the points for Positive side win, I'll take it as a joy then lol

But really, to study for the material that consisted from the "new" material that has just been learned + "old" one that had been tested before is..........

Imagine, in 2nd term, we will have a complete material from class X to XII to be tested.
Just by thinking it making me sick....

At last but never least, I expect something good to be happened in this beloved month :)

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