Friday, December 23, 2011

1 day

only 1 day and everything gone all out!

We planned to swim at Jati Mas yesterday.
Invited many people to join. (in the end it's me,arip,ricky,anglo,achen,eric,feona and vero)
Warned them to be on time.
Yet I'm overslept. for 1 hour.

It should be noted that yesterday, yes, yesterday before the physics exam, I slept at 4.30 AM or sometime around it. I woke up at 8, having my exam and out until night and wrote the previous blog entry, which caused me to slept at 2 AM today. We planned to have rendezvous at 6-7 AM in jati mas but yes, i'm overslept until 8.

What I do in the morning when I finally awaken and hear my brother voice
"Yes,this is his brother, he's still sleeping right now-" and my spontaneous reaction was "WHAT!? What time is it!?". After I finally realize dozen of PING,calls and messages appeared in my phone screen, I panicked and rustled to change my cloth and go straight for the pool.

Long story short, I'm late and my friends yelled at me "Who told us to come here as "morning" as possible? Ricky's here since 6!". But what in my mind was "I think I have a good dream,but thanks to the random morning I forgot what it is"

Later in the afternoon we went to Paparons and took a "Makan sepuas"nya packet priced at 45k IDR/person.
The price is higher than the last time I visited the place.

Starting from a conversation during the pizza munching session, we decided to watch movies in cinema 21- thamrin plaza for 2 trips, where vero will buy the ticket first since she is going to buy goods for her Christmas party in 1-3 PM.

We watched Sherlock Holmes 2 - A Game of Shadows first and continued to Mission Impossible 4.
Both of the movie are magnificent and exciting in its class and worthy enough to be seen twice or more than it.
Somehow, I do impressed in sherlock story, but what make me not so enthusiastic about it is because I already know the ending and the main story. I read a lot so I know part or fragment of its story although I never read the actual copy, especially the falls one that are so popular.

While Sherlock holmes provide us with classic and logical style of thinking along its movie, Mission Impossible do the exact opposite.

It focus on action,action,brain and teamwork.
Yes Sherlock holmes 2 had that too, but these 2 are in different classes. We can't compare a detective and IMF agent, don't us? Especially if two of them are in a different era (industrial and Hi-tech)

Structure of today's post maybe too narrow and fragmented.
Will edit it tomorrow as I add photos from today :)

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