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It's December 23rd already by the time I'm writing this post! (a quarter corrupted :p)
and today! TODAY!

i fail my physics.....(the percentage of failing it crossed the safety line,i'm finished off)

But forget all those regret and sorrow, we, WE (me,pibak,corwin and ricky) had such a quality time LOL

Starting off from school, we set off to Medan Fair - Jln Gatot Subroto by walking and taking public transportation. Damn that corwin, he really does know his thing after living 2-3 years here :p
Anyway, after we arrived we commenced the food search to satisfy our lion-roaring-stomach.
(Unfortunately and really unfortunately, since we were having the last exam today, I don't bring any bag or camera. So the picture count is 0 for this extraordinary day T_T)

We chose Solaria and ordered each of our food, only ended up tasting each other (just a small portion of each :9 ) and I think they got a decent food to be served there. The only conundrum left was why a beef steak served first compared to a simple fried rice that confusingly takes 25 minutes or more.

The main reason why we went to Medan Fair was for visiting the TIMES book store located in it's ground floor.
Corwin had obtained his membership from this bookstore which is also available in Jakarta, Malaysia and Singapore branch. The "privilege" card owner really have an ace up their sleeve, they got voucher, discount for the books price there and newsletter sent once/twice a month. These things had made me swear to register for their membership next time I ever go there.

Moreover, this book store is like an oasis that I've been longed for such a period of time in my life (exaggerated? lol). I always put an interest in novels or magazines in best seller or popular section of book store. Every time I lay my fingers on its cover and deciphered its attention-catching synopsis, my mind is twitching with full of amusement and curiosity. "What had made this book became a best seller?" "What its story like or what is being discussed there?" "How will the author expand the plot?" "Does it fit my taste?" and hundreds other question keep popping out in my hemisphere, resulting in one "middle" way, "BUY IT".

BUT, I do have such a criteria, or perhaps an experience that maybe I can share. Often, you will find a book which available in your country met the country's language as well, this is because (if i don't false) there's some rule of language or whatever it is that require the book to be adapted to the local language.

Taking a real life example.
I live in Indonesia.
I'm a Harry Potter fans
I like to read novels.

Combining these points will lead us to one conclusion :
I will most likely to buy Harry Potter new edition every time it's released,in "Indonesian" Language or Bahasa Indonesia since I lived there

Here, my criteria to buy a book utilized.
I want the book in English, or perhaps in its "original" language or if there are no other way to obtain the original, translated one but with superb quality will do.
Admit it, Indonesian language vocabularies bank is far different from English, far more limited compared to the latter of course.
Sometime Every time a book or a text got translated, its meaning CHANGED. Although there's good or superb translation available, the translated meaning is not the original meaning anymore.
example :
He was encircled with thousand of unknown material, bewildered, he threw his sight over a glimmering golden handle
Translation to Bahasa
Ia dikelilingi oleh ribuan materi yang tidak dikenal, panik, ia melempar pandangannya pada tuas emas yang bersinar

Mistranslated :
He -> Ia (you don't have male/female identifier in Bahasa)
encircled -> dikelilingi (to be encircled means surrounded in circle,the meaning lose its "meaning" after translated"
glimmering -> bersinar (there's almost 7-8 variation of "shining" in oxford thesaurus. glimmering is shining with a faint light one)

It's not that I am a strict perfectionist or what, but it's just regretful to know that you had finished a book in translated language yet when you try to read it in its original language you feel more exhilarated with its rich content than ever.
I have a collection of Eragon,Eldest and Brisingr (The Inheritance Cycle - by Christopher Paolini) since 2 years ago.

 All of it were in translated language a.k.a Bahasa Indonesia and I had finished all of them in 1-2 days after I bought each of them.
Even in translated language, the books were fascinating and rich in language for Bahasa.
But in one time after months and years passed, I accidentally read some chapters of Brisingr which were quoted by some people in forum and I realized, I somehow regret why I read the books in translated language  in the first place since the original one were filled with a full blend of Christoper style inside.

I know re-read them will solve the issue, but what injected to your brain for the first time will remain there and hardly changed or modified.
 For this reason I started only to read books mostly in its original language

Long story short, I found many titles that I had pursued for long, including the fourth and final book of Eragon series, "INHERITANCE" with the green dragon cover in front which just been released recently.
UNLUCKILY, the stock were all PRE-ORDERED by other people since months ago and they got a DISCOUNT for it! I really regret never tried to inspect that compact book store and to have some words with one of its attendant, I had waited for 2 years for this book to actually come out after the trilogy changed to cycle.

All in all, I bought "What the Dog saw - by Malcolm Gladwell" today :)

guess i'll end this long long post,
haven't had a chance to transmit my thoughts in a long time and this is the result ;p

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