Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Fourteen of February, two thousand and eleven

  • NTU/NUS university entrance exam
    • Done
It have been two days since the last exam I'm taking this month end and I'm not so sure I could go back to the atmosphere before the uee,far before the uee.

Our final exam is rearranged and turns out that we should say goodbye to P2S1 this February (pity that, P2S1 has always been my favourite since entering this high school,but I heard it's moved to June)
since my calendar is marked at March 9th,2012 with the caption "FINAL", meaning that the exam is coming quicker, 10 days quicker than the original. That's why all the free and lazy atmosphere vanished and changed by the tense and nerdy air, we're entering "Nerds" mode now. 
Books and books are anywhere to be seen and  I saw that some of my friends already prepared the STL and doing their tuition's paper and reviews, but some were still playing Temple Run and keep breaking the high-scores lol XD
P.S. Willy reached the 13 million limit,so cool !!!

And today, where I'm finally back to my SEALNET activity after such a long period to prepare for those A-levels, I'm told to join the mentee right away by WJ and elvira since the total of them is odd and in the end I partnered up with Grisella. Well, KC did sent us the workshop timeline months ago but since I'm too busy during that time, I only remember today's workshop is about chocolate jingle or something about valentine. The workshop was truly about making valentine cards and I'm confident that mine and grisella's would make it till the top 3  :p although most of the cards are so pretty and elegant and meaningful and creative and and and... "indescribable" lolll~~ all of them is great! (being made in 30 minutes boost up the awe)
 *i don't have the picture ._.

Next event in my calendar is the brastagi trip in this sunday (19) and the FunWalk organized by Masterpiece (March 4th).
for the brastagi trip,it is solely for taking outdoor photos with my class, but I doubt that it will just end like that,we will probably stuck in miki holiday or taman sibolangit or anywhere before coming back to medan LOL
and for the funwalk,I had participated in this event last year and I already registered me and my brother for this year's. Leonard,ivana,callista,CG that had participated last year are going to participate again, while for pibak etc this will be their first time and last time in high school :p

the clock is ticking and I need to turn off my laptop now,
cheers :)

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