Friday, March 23, 2012

Once in a lifetime

Ever heard those words before?

Hello and greetings,
It's been so long since the last time I posted something ( I had already wrote this for several time,you see? )
So, life has taken us up and down, especially during this period of time where High School only last for less than a month.
We've been into Bukit Kubu for the class trip, joined the Funwalk which organised by Masterpiece Clothing, Won the second place of photo competition (well,it's quite disappointing since we were targeting the first place, but 3 Science 1 'our neighbor XD' slipped through the race and won it in the last ticking hours), Undergone UAS ordeal of 10 different subjects, been anywhere in Medan with my pals, and here we are, now, crossing the calendar of togetherness.....

Actually, I can't believe it that time ticks this fast, really.
It's just like yesterday when I finally bought my new camera CANON IXUS 220 HS

the picture on the left is taken from my friend's phone during a birthday party, the place was dim-lighted and so does the result. However during a decent lighting, the actual thing really looked like the one on the right which was taken from the internet.

This camera has superb ability and I'm so grateful I chose this one after a complicated dilemmas.
I thought about changing into DSLR/semi-DSLR cameras but when I consulted my friends who are photographers, they say pocket camera works best for me, and so it is :D

Right after the day I bought this precious companion, we had our trip to Brastagi, Bukit Kubu and I'm so not regret my choice of choosing this pal in the first place. ;)

*The post about our class trip will be continued in the next post, I'm afraid that it will be so long hahhaaha

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