Friday, March 23, 2012

Bukit Kubu - Nuts&Nerds Class Trip

Someone's back :p
Okay, so this is the story:

We were supposed to gather at SD SUTOMO 1 by 7.00 sharp, and it was already announced that whoever late would be fined by 5 IDR/5 minutes and the money will be stored into class cash. Would you think I'll be late? my home is just 15 minutes walk from the rally point and yes, I'm late! They fined me 20 IDR! hahahahaa
and do you know what is the best thing? Seeing other people late and being fined too LOL
Once I arrived and paid those money, I began experiencing on my new camera
*Note : all the images here is already resized by 20% of the original,otherwise the file size would be too big hahaha (the cons is,the sharpness is really really reduced ._.)
Canon's color is astounding as ever
Soooo clearr

I like the color it produce,for real :D

the funny thing is the police is seemed like guiding us through the road LOL

The class monitor,monitoring the Temple Run ._.
What's the point of travelling all the way long to Brastagi but what you are doing is trying to break the high score? ._. 

Billy somehow got his knee scratched

Had I told you about our visit into Indomaret?
We're stocking snacks and borrowed the restroom here and what is
crazy is how many time the door bell had ringed!
the Minimarket is suddenly filled with RED,RED ANYWHERE LOL


what did angelia see here?
Yes, this monster does really exist and guess what? He ate all the remaining snacks by himself.....
He carried such a heavy backpack which contained 4-5 bottles of mineral water which is
 empty when he finally asking for more water in the way back home.....
His name is Fendi.
notice the one at the very left? look at his face LOL

See the backpack

All of us agreed that Daniel looks like a golfer here,hahahah

Me and Rivaldi. Look at his face! :P

our Photographer : Calvin Gustinov

Experimenting on the camera's effect :D

My friends managed to play football here with the kids nearby, however it is such a pity that in the end the ball got lose :(

Colors everywhere!

Like a winner!

In fact, many of us are talented on making this balloon, but this one is the biggest of all


Who knows our expert in food is also an expert in flying a kite??
Others had failed but this one goes really really high!!!
 On the way back home, we stopped again at SEHATI to fill our so-empty-stomach
The history repeated, we still have the fragment of what has occured here. Sat on the same restaurant, same table, same chair......Let the feast begin!!!!!
We rock the table like the last time we're here
Ordering food like crazy and finishing them in almost an instance
Utensils clanged, plates withdrawn, glass offered and Corwin conquered it again!
In par with Pibak this time, he finished 7 plates of rice
(You can say that men from our class mostly eat like "kuli bangunan" LOL) 

 Our thoughts are everyone would have collapsed from this tiring day but it turns out that Fendi really showed us all his card! He cracked jokes and keep the atmosphere of being lively and pick up a fight with his eternal enemy; Rivaldi LOL ( Hebohisme VS Alayisme wkwkwkwkwkw)
Willy also danced on Moves Like Jagger song while Philip supporting him and all of us applauding them!
The back of the Bus rocked like crazy with laughter and framing appeared everywhere!

Well, that summarized most of the trip :)
It's the best trip I ever have in my life, with the best class ever
XII science 2 - 11/12

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