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The Hunger Games : review

Okay,for those who seek pleasure, never ever read this before you here,too,the movie yourself LOL
I know it must be late night right now, since the tab on the left bottom corner showing 1:25 AM straight when this words is typed, nevertheless the sensation of the film is still urging me to write this post (maybe that's what you called abnormal lol)

If I'm not mistaken, the Hunger Games was out in March 22nd and I was like "OMG! It's out already?!" "Oh,okay."
The thing is, I actually had known the very existence of the novel itself since the last time we went to TIMES bookstore (search through my posts where I mention corwin's TIMES privilege card). I remember corwin asked the shop assistant, "Which one is the most popular book right now?" and the assistant showed us the sequel of I AM NUMBER FOUR to us and lead us to another shelf which contains THE HUNGER GAMES. I will speak the truth, I am not that impressed when I saw the book, neither when I had finally finished the book (well, e-book) in March 22nd,the day of the premiere itself. The book (well, e-book LOL) is arranged by approximately 350 pages and I finished it in 7 hours and finished the 3 books in total of 6 days. However, the style of writing isn't one like Rick Riordan, the author and creator of Percy Jackson (finished until 5) ,The Lost Hero (finished till 2) and The Kane Chronicle (finished till 2) series or Christopher Paolini, the author of Eragon series. It's more simple, and straightforward where the story only focused on the main protagonist own thought. Enough for the chit-chat, the review shall beginnn.

(I will tell the story from the movie's view, while I will be commenting from the novel's view)

The movie starts and we hear Primrose Everdeen's scream through the peaceful morning, as she has a nightmare where her name is reaped in the Reaping Festival, where the unlucky person enters the Hunger Games; the Games that started 74 years ago in favor of remembering the citizen of districts that they should not oppose the Capitol, the capital of Panem by sending one boy and one girl from each district to fight in the Arena. One reason this game was created : the rebellion of all districts in the past. Another reason : pleasure. So, her sister, our main protagonist Katniss Everdeen assured her and sing her to bed again. After preparing herself, she goes to the boundary of District 12 the coal mine district; an electrified fence that circle the district to protect the villagers while keeping them from going out too

here, I don't know if they miss it or not, the fence should be higher and thicker than that simple one and they didn't say the current in the fence is never turned on in District 12 unless it's an emergency situation. Katniss just sweep out of the way here ._.

And so, she met her friends, well, more than friends "Gale" in the depth of the woods and after Gale shared his bread that he bartered with the owner of the bread house they see a hovercraft flying to the District 12 direction.

here,too, they even didn't show Gale's skill in tying knot or whatever skill he has ._. he is just a strong, muscular and handsome guy that was Katniss bestfriend, not more. And have I told you that in the novel, most of the main characters is ranged between 12-19 years old but in the film some are more likely to be twenties or perhaps older

*I will skip the preparation and go straight to the reaping
*and Haymitch doesn't even there! he should be drunk and fall in the stage! lol

Primrose Everdeen name was reaped and Katniss, as her sister, volunteered to take her place. Of course she couldn't let her 12 years old sister to enter her death door. For the boy, Peeta Mellarck (is the spelling right? I kinda forget it) name was reaped and a flashback gone through Katniss mind. He is the one who gave him a bread when she was starved to death when they are younger.

I admit, this scene is great :) It is better to see it in real (well,film) than read it through the novel, more emotion I guess?

and so and so, Katniss and Peeta entered their own room which would give the privilege for anyone to visit them before they departed for Capitol.

Once again, the only guest here is Katniss mom and Prim, her dad had passed away in the coal mine in an explosion (they show this too!) and Gale. In novel, Peeta's father would have come and the all famous Mockingjay pin was originally given by Madge, the (what do you call walikota? governor?) daughter, but in film katniss bought it herself (i will explain later ;) )

*I admit again, i AM impressed by the technology they showed and the CG is sooo awesome!
*Eh, do they even mention the woman's name that do the reaping? Her name is Effie Trinket, although she is out of normal,she is really kind and caring you know :)

In the train, Katniss and Peeta met Haymitch, their mentor. A mentor is usually the previous victor of the game that come from the same district. I believe they don't even mention he is the winner of the 50th Hunger Games, the 2nd Quarter Quell. In the film, Haymitch is less drunk than what he should be in the novel, but that makes it better lol.

The actor starred as him is very well-suited, I can say. In the next scene, they arrive at the Capitol. I don't know where did they shoot the place, but it is so beautiful and the design of the city is so well-matched to my image when I'm reading the novel. I really want to know how they make those, really.

Here, they will do a parade to represent each of the district and each candidates will has their own personal styler, Katniss got Cinna, the most normal one in way of clothing compared to the rest of the Capitol citizen, if you exclude President Snow lolll (I haven't checked it,but I think the one who starred as the President Snow is Albus Dumbledore? I mean the actor hahaahaa)
the graphic was good and I could not imagine the burning costume till I see it with my very eyes.

Okay, Avox doesn't even mentioned here (Avox is a traitor that caught and its tongue was cut and sentenced to serve the Capitol) , they are so pitiful you know :(

next to the training session, if it just me or what, I remember the room was covered in sand, not metal ._.
and Peeta never throw that big metal boulder, but that explain why the Career ally was interested in recruiting him.

Once the game has started, everything goes the same with the flow of the book, but better since we saw all the combat and adrenaline, and worse because not all of it is accurate.
I tell you, the novel is so bloody but in the film they reduced the amount of blood splattered maximally.
They didn't show that once a person is dead, a hovercraft will come and take the corpse out of the arena too.
As I had stated before, it's the technology that impress me soooo much. The view of the control room is so exhilarating with all those touch screen control and holographic projector and perfect manipulation of the arena and its surroundings. Wonder when could I have a grip of that wonder hahhaha

The scene when Rue is dead is shocking and I'm actually weeping when I watch and read it. Only in novel,it is a lot more cruel than this and Katniss' grief is so expressed there.

Ah,right. When I watched the movie today yesterday and fighting to get another bite of popcorn with corwin and pibak, this one crossed my mind. In novel, since the author described every little thinking that Katniss thought, it is what makes the novel become so long and sometime boring, but in the movie everything progress so fast. Well, if they gonna convert a full 350 pages novel it would be more than 4 hours I suppose, but the point is the lack of speech that Katniss possess makes the story progress faster it the movie because her personal thoughts are invisible to the viewers (well, not for the one that has read the book lol)

*Apparently, devris only needs 3 days to complete the series ._.

One more point that makes this movie worth to watch is it featured the out-of-the-arena activities! We never know what they were doing outside the arena, we are inside the thought of Katniss all the time in the novel. But the movie allow us to see how Haymitch got the sponsors, Serena Crane; the Head Game maker who have conversation with President Snow, the President Rose Garden, the Control room, District 11 rebellion, even Gale's face when Katniss kissed Peeta! LOLLLL

To make it short, although the movie cut out many details and focus on the story (which works best in mid-end because when Katniss found Peeta and they spend day and night in the cave and trying to survive, it costs more than hundred pages to describe that which I lamented but I find "okay" in the movie since they skipped the whole thing and only give a small proportion to that part, 10-14 minutes, I guess.), many of the details aren't that useful and harmful if, IF they plan to bring the movie to the its sequel, the Catching Fire which is sooooo greattttTTT!!! or perhaps even until Mockingjay, the last story. 
(since those small things never connected to anything in the end. Madge, which I mentioned earlier, will die in the end of 2nd book because of explosion. This is what differ this novel and the one J.K. Rowling, Riordan and Paolini, even Masashi Kishimoto! This novel let everything pass and vanished once it story progresses, while Harry Potter and Percy Jackson will amaze you that small little things in the book 1 would prove to be the key to win/prevail in the last book, there's a quotation that say : "It's the small things that matter" right? Even Masashi Kishimoto never trashed his characters in Naruto, he still used them and uncover all the story in the past in the ending, awesome enough)

I had examined the movie carefully and I think the producer is going to carry on, they have "phak kode" enough during this one.
-The rebellion in District 11
-President Snow warning towards Serena Crane
-President Snow warning towards Katniss,and
-President Snow action when he saw Katniss and Peeta arrived at their home, he see the monitor and then turned and climbed the stairs.

spoiler for the next one : President Snow gonna make a visit to District 12 to find Katniss and confront her ;)

Overall, it is a nice movie to watch, now after they censor it and make it less bloody lol.

P.S. do you know? in the last scene where all the dogs surrounded Katniss, Peeeta and Cato, in the novel those dogs had the eyes of those 21 persons that already dead and their size is proportional to their original too. It's either a mutation of the real corpse or a created being after all using their data. Scary enough,don't they?

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