Friday, May 31, 2013

one of lifetime achievement unlocked : Played Running Man in campus!

Being a seeker is tiring, EXCEPTIONALLY TIRING.
Basically the teams are comprised from 12 seekers and 24 hiders and we're only using 3rd-5th floor of our campus because people(VU,ACCA, Monash) are studying for their papers down there in foyer. What really amuses me is the fact that after the start of the race, all hiders were gone! 24 PERSONS, GONE! We run and search the entire place but only after 10 minutes managed to catch 2 careless persons who show their nametag :p

and there's this yellow shirt indonesian guy who I always bump into in every games and would result in me chasing him the entire floor ._. thanks to idiotic me wearing slippers in such kind of event, my movements were restrained; a lot. 

In the end of the race it turned out that all the hiders created a Whatsapp group and relayed all informations regarding the seeker's position so their fellow hiders could avoid being caught. Some girls (Retha and Mei'') even got no idea where they run to thanks to the threat we're posing XD 
Our main weakness is the lack of coordination since we keep running around (should have standing at posts since the hiders are doing their mission anyway) but the thrill was really there!

All in all the entire event was conducted in a good way. The committee tried their best to fulfill our expectation and was hard working enough to run here and there to minimalize errors.

***the event was brought by Game Show Club chaired by Amanda Kheng. She 'technically' created this club after ending her post as student council's secretary for last year out of boredom :p

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