Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Achievement unlocked :

Donated my blood for the first time. 300ml officially, 150ml technically.
The nurse keep saying that my vein was really naughty, sometime so fast pushing the blood sometime stop at all. I recommended them to take my left arm (the vein was bulging out like that - bigger coz I used my left hand more to hold things) but they still insist on the right. To add more confusion, there're two major vein veil in my right arm but they pick the middle one cause it's 'easier' (the other one was also really big). In the end they removed the needle after the painkiller effect started to wear off (approx 20-30 mins) and only managed to collect half pack of blood from me. My blood was so thick coz they say I've been drinking less lately and I'm not in a really good condition to donate my blood. (to tell the truth, yes. two deadlines on the same f-day) and I barely reached maximum 5 hours sleep.
Since I donated a really small amount of blood compared to others, I don't really feel the tinge or turned pale. However the effect are starting to appear now as of I'm too tired for circling around KL finding things to buy ._.

(Days before) Running on the entire course of Sunway South Quay without any pausing to rest!
Hell. I felt like I'm really close to dying that time. Survived through willpower alone, otherwise I collapse already hahaha

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