Saturday, June 29, 2013

Before it was too late

Moderate sleep, checked.
Good mood to start writing, checked.
Fulfilling breakfast, kinda...just give it a check.
Finished works?
nah, just forget it for a single moment first.
I've been thinking to write a lot of things since last sunday but never got any actual chances thanks to hectic schedule. I'm trying to cope with completing assignments, training for race and solve many personal problems that my brain burned out everyday.

Enough with the let down.

So yesterday we finally went for the MASISWA Road Relay Race 2013, MASISWA stands for Majilis Sukan IPTS Malaysia which truthfully I have no knowledge about. What I know is this :
MASISWA and MAPCU sports competitions are regarded as a battle of pride of private universities and colleges. It organized annually either in early April or in late August.

I guess I have explained it before that after the Xterra's event, I started run and swim everyday and one day was selected for the road relay team during the trial, that was 28 May. So one month has passed and after the previous (and precious, just can't ignore the wordplay) MAPCU athletics event, I have picked up the confidence in running and going for the hard core training every weeks. Kudos for our captain Fakrul for this, he keep pushing us to go further and further and Dyitesh FOR ALL THE DAMNED SCREAMING DURING THE STAIRCASE RUN! Y THE HELL YOU'RE THAT STRONG!

We didn't won.
Which is expected.

Out of 11 universities and colleges that participated, we finished 7th.
Not really a bad record considering we're just finally started the proper training regimen and most importantly, the competitors.
IMU finished first with 19 mins something and HELP with 21 mins. Sunway? 26 mins 23 secs.

On average, each person (3 guys, 2 girls. Me, Dyites, Dhyran, Julia and Cynthea) run about 5 minutes for 1.2KM each. 26 mins for 6KM was not that bad, though. It was average, or maybe a bit slightly higher than average, but still compared to others that finished minutes before us, the difference in distance was too large.

Still, I'm glad though.
It was a terrible morning, I woke up early then felt the muscle pain from the previous day training, then sleep again until 7.20 which is disastrous. Then Mr.Mok (new advisor, I think :) ) drove us to bukit jalil but we kinda get lost since we don't know the exact venue. Here's the funny thing, it was supposed to be a 'road relay' but we waited at the stadium. Stupid right? When we arrived and shuffled to attach our running bib, the emcee already shouted 10 MORE MINUTES! RUNNERS, GET READY IN THE STARTING LINE! Thus, no warming up exercises was performed.

But I'm still glad.
First and foremost, I didn't break my leg or something since no warm up.
Second, I can run in normal pace without any out of breath session already :)
--- -- --- -- ---
-- --- -- --- --
It may sounds boring, what about not losing your breath? we never lost it right?
Plenty, but first and foremost you can still talk and hold your legs after finishing your lap and apologize to your mates that you had performed badly.
During the MAPCU run I collapsed to the grass and lie there for 10 minutes before gaining back my gravity.
The hellish endurance training did have effects though :)

After the events over, Cynthea drove me to Petaling Jaya LRT since I wanted to go to PWTC to register for 2XU Marathon. Never thought they're organizing a sports expo there ._.
What irritated me the most is all the people collecting their standard chartered marathon race pack. I missed the registration for this so I could only tch-ing around hahaha

Afternoon, after going back to campus and met my friends whose working on our English report(last assignment before exam), I rest for a while then decided to take a walk around the Bandar Sunway area. My brain just wasn't ready to process any literatures yet.

Circling around the PJS roads which ultimately led me to Sunway South Quay (from Monash University back path, near the carpark). I reminisced back the pavements and the routes I have been jogging around for this past month. I found the place only after being tested for the road relay race which has ended that day. Everything started exactly one month ago here. I'm chasing after Mark's trail while keeping hard to maintain my breath.

Still wearing my SUNWAY TEAM shirt. I felt I was lucky enough to participates and given the chance to train and run, even representing the school itself.

Everything started here, the trial starting line

Poor legs

Sunway uni's logo, actually I wanted to take the SUNWAY TEAM text, but it's kinda impossible to capture the back of your body

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