Friday, September 6, 2013

4th term started and it feels like....

the same as holiday, whereas practically I have limited free time and busy jumping from one to another club activities. The only differences that now I have daily class and finally settled my schedule per week. (thanks to that timetable, of course)

Now I'm in midst of editing a sponsorship proposal for an event by my friend, the original form was....hopeless. Anyway, due to the sudden increase in MYR - IDR exchange rate (now 1 MYR = >3500 IDR) I was bound to save and cook everyday to reduce my spendings (no more dining and food tasting T_T) but somehow I discovered some mixing of veggies could really make your day ahahha. I re-discovered back the recipe to make a cabbage and peas omelette and it was tasty! However this morning I opened my fridge only to discover someone had took my carton milk and finished it. Whoever who took it, either my housemate or his friends, CURSE YOU! FREAKING CURSE YOU! I only drinked 100ml++ once and you took everything! (it was a 1 litre carton, at least wait till I finished half what, give you lo ._.)

an hour from now I'll be having a meeting regarding that event so I need to finish up the document fast, would be online again preferably at evening - night

***just a quick rambling about designing. I really dislike it when people ask you to design, then you ask back what they want and they are completely clueless of how should it look like. They tell you to make anything you want, okay, you made it, then there comes all the comment and critique. I'm not saying I don't accept constructive feedback, I do and I'm glad if people make it clear directly to my face, but it just irritates me how they blame everything to you after all the effort you have put to create something out of thin air without any starting ideas. Guess that's just how human works after all..

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