Wednesday, August 7, 2013

ice packs

Bought them for 5RM at DAISO to further treatment of my heel pain.
Looking at the area it was proven to be a heel bursitis(or the cooler name, retrocalcaneal bursitis) which basically means an inflammation located at the bursa around the connective area of bone and muscle.

I don't exactly know what actually triggered the pain(it has been there for weeks anyway) but after some googling and asking friends experience, it could be summed up to:

1. Overtrain. Sudden increase in training intake could cause a shock and damage to body, especially delicate area such as bursa. This may be true since I racked up a lot of miles before few competitions back then in June + the pre and post training :/

2. Poor walking/running form. I've been walking a lot since long time ago and feel nothing in particular. However before I used to strike using my heel and nothing happened too, is it because I slowly learn to strike using the midfoot? *change in style??

3. Worn-out footwear. A bit sceptical about this one, since my running shoes are still run-able(cushioning still could be felt) but I did use them quite a lot for walking purposes. My thoughts are more directed to my slippers since the timing I started using them was quite similar to the period the pain began.
*I bought a new one yesterday, let's see how it works

4. Infection. ._. <- totally impossible

I'm in my resting period now from any excessive running or walking activities but I tried to jog *yesterday* around the south quay area. The result? worst. It's getting really bad to the point that even speedwalk would enhance the pain. In the night I met skhumz in the gym and tried to challenge him (he's on the treadmill and has half a mile left). Ha, biggest mistake I committed so far. Speed 15 - in 200m and I can't resist the pain anymore. Before I could run speed 20 for 300m before my stamina run out but this was.........

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