Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Piece by piece

It was a bit unusual for me to upload my works, especially when all you see are mistakes and failures -_-
Nevertheless, designed three pages so far for next issue newsletter though (I was not supposed to upload it here, but heck, no one gonna check it anyway)

MAPCU Sports Competition - Photos still missing

Travel Column by Belal, he went to like one of freaking awesome island out there!

Clubs page for Sunway Business Investment Society, decided to make it clear and simple in the very end

Will continue to work on two more pages and submit it by the end of the day.
I know I passed the deadline like....one month ago? Since this issue was supposed to be released between July-August and yet it hasn't been finalised yet by now (early August). Well, I'm not the only(sharing the blame ahaha) since all Lancaster-joint programmes were in final report week that time, which continues to study week, exam and ultimately holiday. Everyone was missing in action ._.
*to add, 3 out of 4 designers are in Lancaster, another one taking Pre-U and college didn't give them enough time to rest on

So yeah, burned the midnight oil for two pages above (I finished the MAPCU one long ago when I got free time) and aiming for another two this morning-afternoon. One last page about photography didn't have any files in the working folder so.....how am I supposed to design for it? o_o

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