Monday, August 5, 2013

I think the badge has a curse

Either that, or I'm just thinking too much in the moment.

I will never see holiday as the same any more.
I decided to stay and not going back during this 1 month (July-August) to utilize the free time I have in or out campus.
The thing is, I joined quite a lot of stuff during this previous term and yes, that escalated quickly from a person that rarely communicate with others during his first term to a socialite in the second end. In previous holiday I would have spent my time levelling up my character in Ragnarok Online 2, screwing my body clock day and night to achieve the in-game goals. However, things are quite different in this current holiday although the thought of playing resurfaced again.

In the present moment, I have 3 different projects to work on. The first one was dealing with a simple database creation for office use, another involves design as I'm one of the designer of ECHO newsletter and the last one, although still in proposal, is to co-create an event that would be adjoined by the student leaders like council to support a charity run.(Million Mile Run, google it)

Not forgetting to mention the volunteering that I had, currently and will do in upcoming weeks, I'm stressed out. Life never gives you an easy choice, or an exact balance that people naturally seek. It's either you go BIG, or you go completely small and unnoticed. :(

Ah, and another worthy information to share. Some of my friends are currently in Lancaster, UK for their summer holiday visit. For 9000RM excluding the airline tickets, you got to enjoy 3 weeks tour in the united kingdom and accommodation by the university dorm. Quite an interesting deal they have there but I couldn't go anyway, my passport was still in the immigration for student pass renewal purpose.

I'll be taking 5 subjects next term(which would start at 26 August, approx. 3 weeks from now) which would finally introduces me to networking! My specialization of the programme pathway!

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