Tuesday, December 10, 2013

What to do after finals

Farewell party for my ADTP's friend
Learn Flat UI in depth - Finally have time for this
*and considering to start my own website too - and mobile apps
Run. And run. Newton Challenge 25km on year's end.
Swim. And swim too. Haven't used my swimming card like for 2 months.
Play - there is a new tactical mmorpg game released in 6 more days.
*ah and don't forget star conflict, it's the best.
Teach, possibly. New batch of members for echo! More designers!
Tinker with my tablet, the deep sleep function is not working properly.
Clean my room. Really. Especially my table.
Sleep 7 hours a day. I have been recording my sleep time with an app. The sleep debt was horrible.
Travel. I want to go somewhere that I never went before in Malaysia!
*maybe batu caves, or maybe port klang, melaka, or maybe cameron highlands. Who knows?!
Comic Fiesta 2013.
Microsoft Virtual Academy - because no coding is no fun.
edX - Coursera - MITx - because even programmer need to learn linguistics and business.

all these, while I'm on my way to the second day of my finals. Good luck everyone!

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