Monday, January 13, 2014


If you guys are perhaps wondering(perhaps, yes perhaps) where am I for this past few weeks and seeking for any new year's resolution post or event coverage, fear not - I'm still alive and kicking. It's only that I'm like really super busy right now although I'm in my supposedly long holiday - which is good since it means I'm using my time to do something rather productive than sitting around playing games the entire time.

I'm trying to keep my last year' promises on what should I do or accomplish once I finished my dear examination back in mid december(And my parents are visiting me from christmas to new year too so I don't have much time to type). Now I'm learning a lot and a lot of things about web design and the framework it lies upon. See, I'm doing something valuable right? :p

I really take my time to understand AngularJS, Foundation, LESS and SASS, Hybrid Core and many others including Flat design principle(Ah, I took the course from udemy offered by 1stwebdesigner for their promotion price) and designing icons, grids, infographics and much much more. All those listed are mainly my framework of choice(since Bootstrap documentation are much more available, then go for a harder one in Foundation ;) and Hybrid since it's really a clean wordpress parent theme).

Talking about wordpress, I think I'll be moving to my own hosted wordpress site soon once I learned more from my progress( increases and decreases with a kinda random variable every day) and connect it to my personal website to showcase my works.

I stumbled upon a really nice looking site by Adam Hartwig, a designer based on UK and his works are so far the one that really catches my interest. The site is so lively and interactive, I wonder how long does it take for him to build it and validate it.

That's it for today. Other than my now Tier III ships in Star Conflict and 16m tree progress in Deemo(a rhythm-based game in iOS and Android. Ah, it was my first app purchase on the google play 'store' anyway since I really valued the product RayArk have done)


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