Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Who ordered one crashing lightning bolt from the sky? Or perhaps from your email inbox though.

Do you ever feel "everything", like literally "EVERYTHING" in a sense?
Like, you feel despair and hope, anger and tenacity, passive and impulsive, lost and found(yep, that's a pun) in a single undescribed speck of lingering emotion?

I did.
And it hurts a lot when something you're expecting just turned out to be the other "thing" that you actually expected too but still didn't want to accept. I know I'm spouting nonsenses here but this whole business about expecting the unexpected and setting up expectations could kill are much more complicated than eating your sandwich breakfast with some nutella spread and cheese slices.

One thing I know for sure, my #runtillyoudrop adopted from my running mates do help as a mean to an end. I regained my composure from that morning run(it helps that my twisted humour still works even in worst circumstances) but the short-term after effect still affects me in a way I'm writing this at 5 AM in the morning without sleeping.

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