Friday, February 7, 2014

I missed sleep.

Really, even though till few days ago I would curl comfortably on my bed for hours without any disturbance and urgent needs - everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked. Pun aside, I have been pulling three overnighter in row, and this coming from a guy who slept around 2-3 in the morning(If you do the math correctly then you're right, I slept at 5-6AM). Guess what's the next best thing? Wake up at 9, pull another meeting and worked through the whole day with some quick napping chances.

The only logical reason of why I'm typing this right now is that because my work have finished in its entirety. It's funny that once something burdensome and tiring ended, your head felt lighter but it just seems heavier than usual. I might be writing nonsense, but my writing are mostly craps anyway that I spouted in few moments of randomness that strike me.

Gotta sleep for tomorrow Xterra Teaser Events, going to substitute somebody for being the person in charge for it so I can't just fall asleep or anything.

*Ah and Happy Chinese New Year - it's a Horse year anyway ;)

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