Friday, April 25, 2014

Isshuukan Friend ED - Kanade(奏 (かなで)) by Kaori Fujimiya with Lyrics

Ending Song 1 : Kanade(奏 (かなで))
Lyrics: **updated and corrected by Arif Andra :D

kai satsu no mae tsunagu te to te
i tsumo no zawameki atarashii kaze
akaruku mi oku ru hazu datta no ni
umaku waraezu ni kimi wo mite ita

kimi ga otona ni natte ku, sono kisetsu ga
kanashii uta de afurenai you ni
sai go ni nani ka kimi ni tsutae takute

"sayonara" ni kawaru kotoba no boku ha sagashite ta

Isshuukan Friend
*I've always loved the slice of life genre and this series just hit it on the spot with all the goodness come pre-bundled; Nice art, great voice actor and interesting story. I'm catching up with most anime that has been released over past three weeks between my works and club activities(yeah, I'm forced to watch them on midnight or early morning).

Face it, when you listen to a good song you will probably want to be able to sing it the right way too; memorizing/knowing the lyrics and understanding the meaning will help especially when you have limited to no command over the song's language. And nobody(so far) have posted the lyrics for Kanade(奏) yet so according to any pioneer's principle: when you found none you make one yourself.


  1. The ED is actually a cover of the same song by Sukima Switch, and the lyrics and translations can be found on the internet. Good job on this, though! :)

  2. Thanks! I'm not aware of the said song by Sukima Switch until you posted it here :)
    It's an awesome piece indeed!

  3. Sukima switch is the real singer...I love this song (sorry,I'm bad in English)