Tuesday, January 14, 2014


No, it's not a misspelled word. Deemo is an actual title for a rhythm-based game in iOS and Android. And it's worth noting that it's my first ever app purchase in the Google Play for $1.99. I never spent any single penny before for an app but this one is truly an exception.

Wonderful graphics, mesmerizing songs and the mysterious story setting. Watching the story unfolding is as interactive as reading a graphical novel, one could suppose. You need to buy the app in the iOS version to play for the same price but in Android version you could play the limited version(6-8 songs) and the piano tree is capped at 3.999m tall. If you're in doubt then borrow your friend's android tablet/phone to get a glimpse of the antiquity of this piece.

I'm still somewhere in the middle of the story(tree height: 16m) but so far my ears have been really pleased with the melodies of the songs collection

Favorite tracks so far:

For that dreamy, calm and easy to listen one: (Dream, Reflection - Mirror Night, Wings of Piano)

And for that beats! (Reverse and Saika)

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