Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Redesign or not?

The more I think about it the more headache popped out, well literally "pop" out from my head- you can count the hair fall rate during this period. In short, I'm thinking about redesigning the blog from scratch since I got some html knowledge now, although still not that good in databases, but the thought of writing, typing and testing scared me off while I don't have much to do this holiday though. Anyway, the strictness of dynamic view in this blogger template is one of the reason. They are cool, yes, but less customization could be done to them which cut the fun out of "personal blog" label. Hey, it's supposed to be personal so it should "look" different right? dynamic ruins it by making everything looks the same although well it's nicer to read the posts.

So here am I, still pondering on starting this project or not(the project can say I'm trying to duplicate the feel and look of dynamic one while pertaining the old html custom-able flexibility). Although I'm quite aware many already attempted to do it and posted their own template on the net, I felt challenged to do it myself basing on knowledge I have got from this term.

P.S. I will try to make it as familiar and as easy as possible for people to understand so after the result/prototype is out, "IN CASE OF" you..well want the codes/framework to design it yourself, I will be happily giving those off if you email me or something XD

another note : it struck me, I could even make a designer tools if I were to try it too, in that case you can just use the designer tool and arrange it like in drag and drop area, although many extra coding are needed for that one~

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