Thursday, January 31, 2013

Aha, a new month!

And so it was said that Leonardy Kristianto would be a good boy by sleeping early and attend all the talks next morning, while the moment this words are typed on he even hasn't rested in the first place after awake at 10AM 31st Jan 2013.

I basically got nothing to say, though.
I changed my plan and would come back to medan in 3 more days.
I choose to join the choir and the news media club for this and upcoming semesters.
I ranked up 7 in one of colosseum battle in Ragnarok Online 2 : Legend of the Second.
I have 3 talks from my professors to attend this morning since 11-4 PM with 15 mins break each.
I will move out to Lagoon View in March.
I haven't sleep in past 18 hours.

Thanks to some irregularities that happened in the evening, my whole schedule for today was messed up so bad. Things which I should have done wasn't even started in the first place, things that could wait was highly prioritized by this stupid brain :/

If there's any fruit that could be reaped out of this pandemonium, it's that I seek out a friend to chit chat in both worlds, found some good manga to read and stabilized my projects progress. So far this is what I can remember seems human always took things for granted though so as the time won't allow me to type any more. I conclude this 1st of February post.

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