Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Short Hair vs Long Hair

1 year worth of hiatus and here I am discussing about the importance of hair length. I am so awesome.
Okay, apparently it's not exactly 1 year since Blogger told me my last post is something about "Granola! Saves Energy!" thing and the date as it recorded shown : 2(or 22?) May 2012.

I have a lot and a lot of things to talk and (gossip?) share since May, of course. It's the pinnacle where I graduated from my high school anyhow and here I am now, currently studying(nah, do you call sitting and drinking a cup of milo as studying?) at Sunway University, taking Information Technology as my major and hopefully would graduate at 2015 something since it's a 3-year programme. Anyway the cup has emptied and sadly I run out of milo sticks, how I regret I didn't bought it just now -_-

I just come back from LCCT, to be exact I just come back from Medan tonight after spending like 4-days escape there so for now since I'm quite tired- I will post this thing about hair length that I noticed so far.
Hair-style(not sure should put - or not) affect personality, no? One thing I noticed so far, the shorter the hair the more positive and upbeat the character of the person would be and it does work the other way round too, the longer the hair the more "depressive" a person would be. This is just a rough opinion and it may not be valid on all human beings(esp girls- who cut they hair short every 1-2 months?!) but at least it does the job for me. I come to Sunway first time having my hair short, really short and I notice I initiate conversation easily and more open-minded towards people around me. As time pass by, the hair grows longer and longer and I do realize I felt more "closed" or you could say I choose to stay in my comfort zone rather than making new friends- something like that. Thus, I cut that long hair right after I come back from Singapore in October, once again feeling fresh and great. I would skip what happened in the mid Oct to Jan to shorten the post since I only want to give you the idea- my personality turns more and more "closed" again until I cut my hair today's afternoon -_-

My brain still didn't work properly due to the heavy load of information, especially those airplane buzzing sound that still rings inside my head and my delivery package seems to be nowhere when I'm back, adding more headache to the already damaged cognitive processing part thus I end this post here and will welcome my sweet bed~

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