Saturday, January 26, 2013

Sun above head.

what does it rang to you?
anyway let's be simple and the answer is "noon".

I know my body clock was already messed up since high school time but seriously, here, with that much freedom to choose what you want to do and what you didn't, the boundary of day night is breaking off soon-  at least for me.
Let me give you a glimpse of how twisted mine now (although I won't admit it's THAT twisted -_-)

Normal time (Got class)
Event Time
Wake up 7-8AM
Sleep 11-12PM
Total Active Hours 16 hours
Total Rest Hours 8 hours
*sometime +a slight rest in the afternoon
*and as you can see, i'm pretty much following the rule of the thumb; sleep for 8 hours a day LOL

Holiday time (Got nothing)
Wake up5-6PM
Total Active Hours13 hours
Total Rest Hours11 hours
..........the rest time is only natural since basically I got NOTHING to do XD
but the most surprising things when comparing to both table is....well, deduce for yourself.
The change was not instantaneous, it happened minute by minute, hour by hour change from usual habit everyday and at last I have been arrived here -_-

Thanks to this, I basically stopped swimming at afternoon (well my poor primitive body system takes afternoon as morning now, who likes to do things at morning?!) and although they had opened up the foyer 24/7, it's kinda scary to be alone in campus at 4.30AM.
Nevertheless, my current activities and projects don't require me to really pay attention to time, but it will kinda pose a problem since I'm thinking of joining choir and ambassador now....

Good luck to myself for changing back that shitty damn clock.

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