Saturday, February 9, 2013

Chinese New Year

It's a nice and quiet reunion dinner. My father does come back and we chatted a lot about how bank's token works and the bank's trading system, didn't expect less than him in this type of topic though. It just struck me how human really wrongly perceive some things and their response is so biased to current trend. That TAC/OPT/TOP token was one small invention which carries a powerful logic behind its creation and everyone will firstly assume it's connected to the internet- that's how it can deliver a common key for mobile's transaction (debit also if you add another layer of protection). However if you learned a bit of how computer works and know something about the amount of energy the device needed to continuously connected to the net, it will be starting to be ridiculous to think. How a small device which bear the watch-type-battery(those round one) can live up to minimal 6 months? The answer is simple though but you need to think out of the box for it. Next comes my brother started talking about his further education and some universities that he would like to enroll, or at least trying to apply his scholarship application to. It's good that he already think about it starting from now though, still better than deciding nearing the spear-end where you got minimum choices left.

Seeing this 3 guys who keep eating their food soundly filled with chatters, my mom can just roll her eyes and nodded her head as if this was common occurrence. Well, some other time we got really quiet when my father is around so time like this is rather precious and fun hahhaha. To share a bit of the secret, it's time like this where I start nagging my father for things that I would like to buy lol and yes I did so this evening so...let's see how it turns out tomorrow morning~

I spend most of the night logging in to the Ragnarok Online 2 though, as I told you from past posts(or maybe not? this brain ability was kinda bad these days) I've been collecting points from the Colosseum or the supposed battlefield where the PvP events took place each 9 and 11 GMT+8. To count, I already collected about 489k points since the opening day of the area and I'm really close to what my target now; Honor Knightage Bow- Epic equipment with 500+ attack, crazy haste+cooldown and cool looking shape with 560k points to claim. If nothing goes wrong, that bow would be mine by tomorrow night after the second PvP ended >:)

Would end my post here, got something to sketch and think before going to sleep. Most of them are projects though, I got a clearer image now and start shaping up the form and think about how much coding it will need later.

Giong hi! XD

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