Thursday, February 28, 2013

As faithful as it may be

I wonder why the only occasion where I can peacefully post something up without any trace of work or other "haphazard" things is the start of a month. a new month, that is.'s March now and if I'm not mistaken the third term of my programme would start in the latter half, which left me like 2-3 weeks to enjoy the "hometown" status- you know, no dorm check in-check out, breakfast + lunch + dinner included and basically you are reigning over your neighbourhood and things~
but like any famous catch phrase in any dream-themed fantasy, lemme pick one of my favourite song

It's heart-shockingly real when you remember this game was published in 2001. *i'm old now :(
although I didn't completed the actual game (blame my memory card!) but I do find this piece draws back those memories nicely, such a reminisce...

anyway, I'm working on another template right now, technically at rest session after a period of coding but this is how it would look like :
still not decided on the codename though..
that's it for now, napping time.

*could you guess what's the logo behind the page? it's gonna be popular during latter half of this year ;)

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