Monday, March 4, 2013

Pushed myself a little too far.

let me tell you a secret, I guess I never know how much a little is.

you could categorize me to that type of people who do things 'a bit, or all out it is'.
it's like a love-hate relationship, on the good side: I overworked myself to fulfil my ever-increasing wish. Now 'overwork' doesn't seems like any words with pleasant feelings, no? However I'm sure everybody already purchased their own set of perspectives and so do I; overwork could be defined as a case where you do things more than you are supposed to do while technically no overtime rate is currently available.

Tell me if I'm weird but when I do things I seems like intrigued with the idea of challenging myself of how far I can go- or is it just me trying to foolishly keeping people expectation up? I'm not really sure, though.

so what's the good part of overworking anyway? To tell the truth, I don't see any good coming from it either and it does harm you in one way or another- but I just like the fact that sometime I too could looked like an idiot pursuing his one and only dream; giving all he has as though the dream was worth chasing it through the end. This kind of people pissed me off the most lol since they really don't(or rarely) care about anything else except their goal but I find them interesting and they feel so humanly human :p

There's one scientific fact(or maybe not) that say human are interested in people who's on same wavelength(that said, having so many similarities and common grounds) and those with exact opposite's. Me? having intensive logic and what's called common sense or extensive library source hardwired to your circuit makes it hard not to see everything as fact and data.

more or less the reason I like those airhead? maybe~

Let's postpone the bad part for now since I'm literally on the verge of collapsing due to lack of sleep and calories supply shortage. Bye for now.

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