Monday, March 11, 2013

two week till term started.
I promise(well, not really a promise) to study something new on holiday but up to this occasion I didn't think I have spent my time wisely considering the amount of time wasted(?) on unproductive things. By unproductive here I mean times where I basically doesn't do anything or oversleep. Watching anime or reading manga included as productive time-slot since it gives me inspiration and chance to reflect upon myself. For non-otaku or the so called (NOT) manga reader or anime viewer, you may or may not understand this so find out the meaning by yourself by watching one hahaha

anyway, I'm here with my usual can't-get-to-sleep ramblings.
holiday ends soon and hopefully before the third term started I can get that 'normal' body clock back or I'll be a rotten meat. The current one is too extreme already since technically I could fly to UK without having any jetlag at all -_-

things that I collected/ find out during this holiday :

  • a decent headset! (not any of those Dr.Dre one, budget-wise hahaha)
    • I'm thinking on doing something like audio diary/journal since I found out I remember things that I already said before clearer. The only problem is that I seldom remember to whom I talk it to ._.
  • kitchen set! (seriously)
    • by last February my roommate and me had moved to Lagoon View condo (just next to our dorm) since we have a decent deal. However since I'm going back to my hometown right at early feb, he moved all the things by himself. He practically do all the paperworks too so I need to treat him a pizza later lol. anyway since the condo allows cooking, I finally can start to learn how to cook a proper dish and live on tight budget(learn, okay.) -_-
  • fortress near you (or maybe not)
    • my beloved sutomo high now practice military norms and had the school perimeter guarded by 2 layers of security. Not to mention the amount CCTV installed making me feel like doing an infiltration mission by avoiding infrareds and getting into blind-spots.
    • They also really made a maze out of those iron bar spreads everywhere. probably thinking they could trap a squirrel by chance though
    • peaceful days are peaceful, especially with the national exam coming and everyone is cramming for it. Unfortunately, some friends of mine was an exceptional case. They rocked the school by performing harlem shake dance everywhere. the canteen one was insane though hahaha
  • i do well on pressure, not good with relaxed atmosphere and midnight is my forte.
    • I hate deadline, but that's the only thing that comes to a sense when you work for someone else and missing it would be deadly.
    • midnight = silence and since the sun was set the temperature basically cooled off a little + if you get that little breeze it's so refreshing. morning is also great but the point is I do worse on afternoon/evening.
  • battery's price(MY) >>> battery's price(ID)
    • as do their quality and energy stored. I used an alkaline one back there and it could last for 2-3 months with plenty usage (fyi it's for my wireless mouse). Purchased an ABC-SUPER EXTRA HEAVY DUTY here and it could last no longer than 6-7 days while I'm on a roll.
  • the golden triangle. Academic - Social - Rest
    • i don't really agree with the 'you can only choose two' things since I view everything based on percentage ._. there's no way you can only go for two, it's just harder to juggle around if you put it to 33% each but if you somehow are good with time management then it's no sweat.
    • for previous term, I already tried out the combination of 'academic' and 'rest' and it does give out a nice result. however I do realize i'm far behind in my social network and it needs to be repaired soon or the damage would be too fatal. I would take the chance this term since we only have 4 subjects and it's not as hard as last term. (understanding 4 languages logic and usage really drives the hell out of me). I would go for something like A(35%) - S(40%) - R(25%) which is subject to change. Just hope that I can be a good juggler.
  • it's currently 2AM. I started this while having thought of sleeping rightaway but nevertheless, this damned brain never let me down -_-
  • night.

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