Friday, March 22, 2013

Abnormal weather

It was clear sky in the morning, scorching hot in the noon, raining heavily in afternoon and now it back to the 'default' clear sky (although you can still hear the roar of thunder booming around).

remember last time I mentioned about the proposal thingy? the owner professionally sit down and have a discussion with us regarding the matters, which he took seriously to ensure conformity and quality- he said. It quite surprises me that the lights in the kitchen got repaired already when we got back at night and the next morning a gas stove was already there. Pretty considerate, wasn't he?
--anyway, I'm glad the proposal was a great success~

yesterday I attended the IYS - Indonesian Youth Society, an Indonesian members club in sunway - event regarding their 'revival'. Basically, the club went into vacuum for last 2 years and this year a student (Dayang, VU programme) decided that she want to brings back the club to its former glory (lol) and since last december they have recruited and organized the starting committee. The event was carried as an introductory of what the club activities are and as a base to group Indonesian students together, regardless of their origin university (e.g. monash and taylor's)

the society mainly focused their attention on 4 things;

  • Sports
  • Music
  • Dance(mostly traditional, the saman performance was great!)
  • Education
and for anyone who's interested in joining, they give out this form where you can choose to contribute as part of this main sections or just as a general 'volunteer'. Knowing myself was quite helpless in these areas, I ticked the volunteer-only box T_T

*if I were to help, I need to play on my forte which is computer-related things; would try to contact them to ask do they need any technical support later

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