Sunday, March 24, 2013

Earth Hour 2013

March 23, 2013.
To tell the truth I wasn't expecting the event to be held in Sunway Pyramid entrance at all.
I mean, I tried to look for the earth-hour spots in Malaysia but most search returned Petronas Twin-Tower and Intercontinental Hotel. Yesterday it was 7.30 in the afternoon and even if I somehow managed to catch the bus and train on time, I will still miss the countdown :p

other reasons; I'm mentally tired and having a headache that time so I'm unsure of how I gonna get back later. I don't want my name appearing on the disappeared list the day after lol. The magic starts when the local time shows 8.15PM and there's sudden announcement from school's speaker : "attention please, we will turn off the light in the next 15 minutes" and there I went frenzy. I do give a thought about how powerhouses like sunway group won't miss event like this to promote themselves (sponsored the place and things) but since I couldn't find any lead on the events I gave up earlier. The sudden announcement urged me to check one last place I shouldn't have missed at; Sunway Pyramid facebook page and the effort wasn't fruitless.

Like any other places in the world, the Earth Hour begin at 8.30 PM to 9.30 PM where we literally give the earth a "rest" by turning off electricities for one straight hour. I arrived just on time where they turned off all the light surrounding the mall (inside they dimmed the light, not totally shut it down) and the concert led by the volunteer's group started gaining people attention. The event was quite small compared to other places but thanks to the strategical coordinate (a.k.a. mall's entrance) people gathered nevertheless~

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