Friday, April 5, 2013

Codeacademy::PHP - Finished!

Have been running a marathon this afternoon to complete the track course for PHP in Somehow I feel I need to understand it first before building any database-based application, although I'm still lacking in many sense :(

So...basically I took the challenge of building BlackBerry 10 apps for university student (new platform, they just launched it weeks ago) and even though they said developing for QNX platform would be piece of cake thanks to WebWorks media provided (e.g. Ripple, Appcelerator Titanium, Sencha etc etc) or even the Native SDK itself (Cascade or Cordova, or even AIR) I still think I really lack the basis of developer. They will have a training programme in another 2 weeks and I hope I would be able to build simple apps first so I could receive feedback later when faced with the certified trainer of BlackBerry, didn't want to look so noob right? :p

to add, I joined quite a number of 7-8 in total (no, i'm not crazy) since my timetable for this sem was really spacy (4 subjects only) and most of the club's meeting was seasoned- not weekly. Out of the 7 AIESEC was the one which interest me the most since basically you can go for internship overseas (fighting causes) for a period of 6-18 weeks. One of my friend who introduced this club to me went to Philippines last January for environment cause and say it really worth her time.

I also joined other society like peer counseling, volunteers and school's newsletter so I expect good things ahead- if I managed to juggle all of them safely, that is. :p

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