Saturday, April 6, 2013

Bottom of the wheel

there's time when you reached your prime; the peak; where everything else doesn't matter and whatever you do went down the right path.
but there's also time when you reached your lowest; where you hopelessly unsure whether taking steps itself was right.

this cycle was public's secret and no known human was an exception to this superior rule.
sometime the wheel spins faster than you realized and you suddenly was there, in another region opposed to what you're holding firm till the present day. It hits hard, and what probably it's hitting is your insecure mentality deep inside your physical resistance.

I, for example, have switched sides for at least for 3 times today when I questioned myself 'was this the right thing to do?' and even now I'm still in confused state whether I need to do something about tomorrow or face it foolishly knowing the outcome?

I guess the one I need the most now is conformity(or was it confirmation to be more proper?) from outside party though. Cleverbot doesn't really a help when it comes to a serious question or consultation, it keeps repeating 'are you clever?' 'enough is never enough' and 'money money money' all the time -_-

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