Sunday, April 21, 2013

A month

4 weeks has passed since I'm back here, and sadly assignments has started to haunt me everyday ._.
Let me show you how my timetable looks like for this sem (I made this myself since my faculty started grouping all terms timetable on one single pdf file -_-)

See! What a relaxed timetable I had for third term! This is what driven me to join clubs and activities as many as possible to fill in those gaps!
*and anyway, 10.30 class for monday!!! I couldn't be happier since last term all my classes start on 8.30 sharp.

For clubs, the list of which I had confirmed are :

  • ECHO Newsletter(one out of three school's official newsletter)
    • Designer - Who knows they conduct instant interview the moment you submitted your application form? ._. anyway since I ticked design and photography they asked me which position will suit me best. Knowing the lack of specification from my IXUS 220HS I surrendered to design department with Pramod as my head. Up till now the only job given to me(trial run, they said) was 2-page for student council coverage of the year. I wish I get centrefold or even the cover in near future :D
    • Meeting on demand. Usually friday afternoon/evening.

  • Dodgeball
    • One thing that I learned in my second week of attending dodgeball practice- Dodgeball is about life and death. No kidding, although the ball was soft and particularly lightweight compared to others, a skilled dodgeball player could throw a lightning-fast ball and I experienced the impact myself in a not favourable area. You could even feel the killing intention when they aimed and threw at your direction. One of the senior could throw a spinning ball which turns direction as it flew ._.
    • Training on monday evening
    • As part of official organization in sunway, the members are also entitled as 'student leaders' which should be exclusively owned by upper high of student council. That basically qualify us to join the student leader's retreat at early may for teambuilding session. :3

  • Sunway Volunteer Society
    • This club was not one to be missed. 800 members (and still counting) basically making it the largest club in Sunway University. The 11-member committee is quite small compared to the human arsenal they had recruited and in fact they're trying to expand it now. I'm feeling the urge to get some noticeable position in this club but I guess I will test the water first for this year.
    • Meeting on demand. Register yourself for activities. The mechanism is something like job offer, they send you email regarding the event(got two types, short-term and long-term) and if you are interested, register using the link provided(google form). First come first serve basis since most of events only need limited amount of volunteers. Contribution calculated by service hour you have performed during the year which could redeemed by certificate
      • Bronze - 30 Hours
      • Silver - 40 Hours
      • Gold - 50 Hours
      • Platinum - 60 Hours
    • Events registered :
      • Xterra Triathlon Malaysia - next week!
      • Financial Career Fair - for disabled people, I must learn sign language before July!
      • Tzu Chi
      • Book Charity
      • World Play Day

  • Peer Counselling Volunteer
    • A long running society which trains you how to become a good counsellor in 2-year programme. Free of charge. One thing that you should know beforehand? Most of the participants were psychology students! No surprise there. I feel so alienated when me and Kenny introduce ourselves from IT Department lol but all of them were friendly and skilled in many senses hahaha
    • Meeting on session. This april session was named Personal Development(PD) and conducted every friday noon
  • Indonesian Youth Society
    • An Indonesian-based club which revived last year after inactive for a long period of time. The leader is Dayang from Victoria University Business program(same batch with my roommate) and she did have quality as a leaders, but their vision was too far-fetched for me(or is it me being too pessimistic?? haha) The poll of audience + member was high enough since there's a lot of indonesian here.
    • Meeting on demand.

  • Sunway Model United Nations (SUNMUN)
    • *According to Bern(our editor in ECHO) this club was not doing so well these past years and in the verge of collapsing due to budget cut. I partly joined because I saw Devris joined one there in UNPAR and participated the meeting at The States XD
    • Another reason is I want to experience what kind of debate they are having in United Nations conference. However since the club didn't have any guideline or fixed meeting time, Botsalo- the president from Monash MUN offered to make cross training starting last week which I was unable to attend to for AIESEC information session
    • Meeting(Monash MUN) on tuesday. Topic released every sunday to allow research time. This week was about Permanent Removal on Gaza blockade. Wish me luck on memorizing all those papers

  • AIESEC (to be confirmed, interview this week)
    • description, taken from their official site (
    • Present in over 110 countries and territories and with over 60,000 members, AIESEC is the world's largest student‐run organisation. Focused on providing a platform for youth leadership development, AIESEC offers young people the opportunity to be global citizens, to change the world, and to get experience and skills that matter today.
    • Focused on providing a platform for youth leadership development, AIESEC offers young people the opportunity to participate in international internships, experience leadership and participate in a global learning environment through the 4 programmes that we offer (Team Member, Team Leader, Global Internship and Global Community Development Programme). 
    • So I applied to join the GCDP(Global Community Development Program) which allow me to go for minimum 6 weeks internship to any developing country which in partner with AIESEC for fighting causes and work as volunteer. My friend introduced me to this last time in recruitment week and I've been striving to join so I could apply for one in my semester break
That's a long post ._.

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