Monday, April 22, 2013

Tiring monday

Morning :
Class at 10.30, woke up at 9.40. Rushed to bathroom and left my oatmeal halfway before queueing in computer lab. Our English assignment requires us to submit soft+hard copy so there am I, waiting for the computer that loads like snail(for freaking 7 minutes!) to print that 2 pages of my response for an article and finally delivered it safely to my lecturer's room.
*I keep questioning myself 'is there a test today?' but it's just me being overly paranoid.

Afternoon :
Nothing to do, last class ended at 2.40 PM and I skipped a talk from SAS representative :(
The afternoon was basically filled with me going around campus searching for plugs, Kenny's going back to get his shoes and Kamal having lunch at Ka-Mi-Tei in pyramid.

empty classroom where I finally find the plugs

Evening :
Dodgeball training. You know what? those primary team members are showing off their capabilities tonight. Complete overkill as all of us (new members) wiped out in succession one after another in the face of their might. I myself was hit twice in the face by the guy in green and blue shirt(I don't remember their names but I know the person, especially their throw -_-). I still couldn't catch the hook of how to throw that powerful and precise, the ball always slanted in the middle and lose speed upon contact.

The most tiring part of the day was evening since we kept challenged them without any hope(but got one red shirt guy can hold so long, he's immortal lol) and beaten down trial after trial. I'm walking back to my residence like a zombie dragging his feet and soon after reached my place I cooked instant noodles to satisfy the hunger meter. No time to cook any hash brown hahaha
*but luckily I got bananas bought from ISETAN last weekend and the sugar intake was really helpful

cheaper than DOLE's one I usually bought at vending machine at Monash

Anyway the confirmation for AIESEC interview has come and my time slot is 8.00 - 8.30 PM tomorrow. Best luck for tomorrow.

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