Monday, April 29, 2013


Mentally and physically exhausted!

1. Just come back for dodgeball practice(got rain uh oh). Improved my throwing accuracy a lot but still need to work on the power. The sound it makes when my partner catches the ball is just 'tesss'
2. Volunteered in Xterra Malaysia 2013 for both days(27-28 April) as a timekeeper for swim-in and bike-in interchange transition. I stood there recording and typing their number for 5 hours long in strong sunlight! I got a bad skin burn at the end lol
3. Let us elaborate more about this Xterra things. We need to gather at Sunway's foyer since 3AM for both days, work as volunteer till 12PM(but for both days it ended at 2-3PM something, not to mention the travel time from Bandar Sunway to Putrajaya Lakeside). The moment me and my roommate reached our room, we basically dropped to sleep due to exhaustion. The funny thing is after 2-3 hours of sleep, we get our dinner then it's 11PM already. I tried to count my sleep time during Friday to Saturday to Sunday and the number was totally amazing.

I questioned myself how come I could survive all 3 days without passing out lol. I mean it's not like I just watching anime or playing game the entire day, I worked(and we worked! this apply to everyone on Sunway Xterra Volunteer team, how did we survive guys?!) seriously and need to run here and there to deliver the data(although sometime Elliot cover it up for me). Thankfully my class for Monday started at 10.30AM so I could catch a proper 8 hour sleep since 11PM. More posts will follow, too tired to write anything else now

the holders of time machine for run-out+bike-out, finishing line and swim-in+bike-in
me and my roommate, Ming Ying. He's in the dehydration team :D
Xterra Malaysia's catch phrase, The Dirty Weekend!!!

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