Friday, April 26, 2013

"nah, it's game session"

was kenny's reply when Kamal sat down and commenced the brainstorming session for the upcoming F-Secure competition. Well, we kinda participated in this thanks to me dragging both of them but in the end Kamal take the lead (since I convinced Ms.Ling he got skills on computer security :D) and organized everything. The qualifying test would be next tuesday, perhaps.

kamal practicing shoulder freeze since he could do 2 minutes baby freeze ald

Kenny in action. He's a pro breakdancer for your information :D
side : alex and sky

this team of 3 (Me, Kamal and Kenny) usually hang out together since we have great compatibility with each other lol. The Malaysian-Indian got 9 for his IELTS speaking test result (he showed me this morning) which is actually no surprise concerning his ability to blabber endlessly and he is an excellent driver! Kenny comes from Lombok (but high school in Malang) and he's the typical 'do first think later' person, which is the exact opposite of mine. His English was not really good (he stuck a lot) but we've been working on that since last sem so he's much better now. Kamal is usually the one who comes up with crazy idea, then I would dismiss it with many arguments and Kenny would toss the coin to decide the result. Most of our common ground could be found in anime and game whereas we're a good commenter and have excellent memory database regarding these stuff.

Tomorrow and the day after I'll participate as volunteer for XTERRA MALAYSIA, a triathlon of biking, running and swimming from 3 in the morning till afternoon so I better get sleep now, photos will follow!

the map

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