Sunday, April 21, 2013

Zero cooking experience

First, let me define what is considered as 'cooking' here.
Any form of processing raw material to edible food where the material may be processed food except noodles, instant noodles, cup noodles or any other prepared noodles. I have ton of experience with them so they're out of question. You could say I have mastered the way of cooking instant noodles for these past months which is sad, really sad fact(my friend in culinary arts looked at me with pity in his eyes).

my bed now, it's a twin sharing room anyway

One of the reasons I moved here to Lagoon View is because they permit cooking! which would save a lot of money compared to eating out everyday(been there, done that. I'm broke! lol) and the appropriate question would be 'why now? why only starts now when you returned here month ago?'. The proper and most concise answer would be "I'm freaking busy, dude!" and "Do you see the kitchen?!". Yep, I've been running here and there to deal with academic related stuff to my own personal project this past month and I only settled down most of them this week. *I refreshed my laptop too since there's too much unnecessary things and bulky files.

Second answer: I should have taken the photo of the kitchen weeks ago and blackmailed my culinary folks for the nightmare of what their workplace could be. It's literally horrible even for me who is foreign to kitchenary and common sense of cooking hahaha. So it just happens that starting from last week I've been visiting that fella place and watch them preparing their lunch. You couldn't help but be amazed when a group of people who know what they're doing doing it the right way. Inspired by them, I started to show interest in home cooking food (to add, it is really cheap if you just know how to do it) and constructed my masterplan in reforming the kitchen. Since this is my field of speciality, planning things and went out all the way to do it- I could proudly say it has been pretty clean by now :D

I'm not really proficient enough in cooking rice since I'm still trying to understand the correlation of the water<->rice amount, but frying hash brown was never been easier thanks to companies producing frozen products and distributor such as Cold Storage or ISETAN. In the process Mark, my housemate from Sudan(but he live in Saudi Arabia) joined me and fried some sausages(he said that's the easiest and least expensive thing you could buy and cook in seconds). He introduced me to a cheese spread from his country and told me it's a good combination with bread. Will try it after buying some Massimo bread tomorrow (Photos will follow :D). Anyway I made some sandwich from margarine(Blue Band) + meises(Ceres) for my roommate the other day and I find out they never use meises before. Major brand margarine here are Planta and Daisy but the former was too oily and felt really wrong in mouth while I never tasted the latter.

a trial run hash brown and sausage from Mark
Kenny recommended me Jasmine's rice since he experimented with mostly any brands available here ald

More photos about food will follow :D

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