Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Moved in.

I'll admit it.
The place wasn't really like what I expected but nevertheless, I took a great liking to surprises and thanks to the 'down' I gained back my ability to adapt anyway.
It's a twin sharing room inside a unit which packed with another twin sharing room and 3 other singles- should be still grateful that we secured the balcony room since the start, else the cubicle would be really intimidating.
Right now my roommate was out studying in his friend room for their exam tomorrow- probably pulling an all-nighter and since I haven't got the chance to clean my bed(and everything else. let alone unpack my things) I took the chance to claim his territory mine lol (kidding, I got his permission to use his bed for today)

So...if you are awake now while technically finished dinner+bath in 9-10. why don't you just clean the entire room yourself instead of postponing it to the next day? Finding a chance where my roommate also present (HAHA) so the cleaning would be super fast is too sly, wasn't it?

The answer is....I tried to, but my mind was just going blank each time due to the fatigue of travel.
Combination of airplane+bus+train wasn't really in my favor, coupled with the minimal food intakes during each sections.

then, why are you being awake now although you should get an enough rest? 

After basically examined and carefully observed the unit where I would live till next year- till the contract ended, I found so many things that need repair or replacement and since we would be meeting the landlord tomorrow to deal with the paperworks and residence card, I decided to write a piece of my thought to him.
The material was plenty and easy to deal with, how to make it seems official and inoffensive is the real challenge. You don't want your room owner to kick you out the house in days count won't you? I literally spent quarters to compose the opening paragraph to state the legality and terms which brings me to realize those User License Agreement was carefully written to the dot (if you're not familiar with the words, do you remember accepting those what-the-hell stuff before installing a program? that's EULA-Electronic User License Agreement)

so why you're writing this post now?

I finished it a couple of minutes ago after a long struggle of arranging a set of proper proposals and comments to look nice. What left is to print it out next morning and pass the paper in the meeting.
cheers for myself.

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