Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Hit and run

I'm talking about ideas here, not accident by any means.
That exact feeling when you keep searching for ideas and finally after few days it struck you when you're washing your face in the sink.
According to the workflow, I'm on my final page of design for ECHO issue #3 - which is considered as late despite the hasty performance. One possible reason to explain this was the writings submission delayed by quite a few days, and even upon the start line of designer's job, most photos haven't uploaded yet. Thus the waiting and redesigning. You made one, they said you lacked few things, you countered by saying it was not available from the start, they simply dismiss you and say 'Oh I just uploaded it now'. 


Do you know how design works at all? 
It is impossible to incorporate something to the article when the particular page was made without pictures in mind. Thanks to the absence of the pictures I spent few more extra hours to think what should I do with it, which ultimately resulting on one of my best pieces I created so far. Yet you pulled the trigger, asking me to place something that was not supposed to be in the draft, even to the extent of me finding the pictures for myself by asking external sources. (Which is partly good, cause I have the rights to choose the one which suited the design as overall)

Just my two cents, the design didn't move by their own. We move them. By clicking and dragging the mouse. By repeating the time consuming process over and over to ensure it was not off. Changing something to an already fixed design require us to check the page as a whole again. Then again, It's actually good that people could provide feedback to you thus the learning but please, respect our work. It was not as easy as modifying or editing paragraphs, your Microsoft Word(thanks to its algorithm, or any word processor program) would ensure the document would always looks good and that's what you have taken for granted all the time. 

I will need to complete everything by today to ensure I have enough time to study for my computer network's test on friday morning. Juggling your time between clubs, studies, exercises, social interactions and rests is hard, but totally worth it I could say.

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