Monday, October 14, 2013

New goal

Aside from academic goals that I have in mind, I thought of something new to achieve which coincide with my running activities now. I have a really strong habit to wonder around everywhere whether to gain ideas for my design or just for the sake of curiosity. I think I wrote it before that I played a game called Ingress from Google which requires the player to walk around the city and hacking portals - or popular landmark that attract people attention. I wondered quite far last time till the National Monument and ASEAN Sculpture Garden in Kuala Lumpur and ended up in Dataran Merdeka while witnessing my first double rainbow XD

I do like travelling, but since my schedule for studies and extra-curricular activities are quite packed now(more than busy actually) so I decided to scale it down a bit. I wanted to visit all(if not most) the parks and greenery in this city(preferably with lake, I love lakes coz it makes you feel the breeze), and jog around the area. Sunrise and sunset setting would be the best since nobody wants to run under the scorching sun. And I don't mind drizzle to slight rain unless it turns to a rainstorm.

So starting now I'll post back a lot of pics and stories of how I ended up in those respective places :D

double rainbow!!! :)

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