Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The answer will always be tea

Be it to calm you down, spice up things or a complementary to an awesome lunch - or a terrible one.
I'm writing this quick post with regard to a new method - a way to enjoy the damned Nestum that has been lingering around since previous terms. I bought it on a whim to try out its taste(Honey) but what I found in my cereal bowl is something between the definition of oatmeal and oat drink. It is not that hard to chew(less fibre) but couldn't be gulped down instantly like a drink.

It was terrible(and I just found out they had others 3 in 1 series; an official oat drink from Nestum;this one's fine) but finally after some time of experimenting I found out the good way of enjoying it.

I made a tea beforehand and poured the Nestum in the cup, stir it slowly and let it soften. I added some sugar to add some sweet traces to the tea, and poured few drops of fresh skimmed milk in the end. I wanted to use condensed milk but I remembered throwing the container away after it was surrounded by ants. With all the tight schedules stabbing my agenda day by day, I was left with little time to actually have a break. Unhealthy eating behaviour has eroded my daily nutrition intake, with instant foods keep adding up the toll with their little-to-none preparation time :/

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