Sunday, April 10, 2011

Avie's Birthday Party ! :D

It's April 10th,2011 and today our friend Avie Ernis (a.k.a @ViazZ) celebrates her birthday party at Lembur Kuring.
The day went busy since we practiced basketball at 10 A.M at "lapangan Benteng", yet the party itself starts at 12 AM so we only had a "brief" time to practice, then quickly headed home to take a bath and went straight for the restaurant.
The problem was that I couldn't contact anyone of my family to fetch me home, all calls ended with the beep-beep sound and a long silence. Bearing the fact that I would be late if this condition took any more precious minutes, I instead called a pedicab and went home at once.
The real struggles started here, before I take a bath (it's already 11.28 AM) I need to wipe both of my phone memory and camera's one so it would be well-spaced when I capture abundant photos later on, then I need to recharge my camera's battery (blame my fussy mind,I should had it recharged at the starts of the day,or perhaps days before now :s).
When everything was finished my dad take me there, and another problem hit in. We took a wrong way twice, so we should take a way-too-long route to arrive at Lembur Kuring.
When we finally there, the party still hadn't start (although it's 12.30 PM already) and the rehearsal took place.
Avie's friend ; ALU,Kenley,Rivaldi,Zuelkevin and avie herself gonna perform a song named "Besame Mucho" (Her dad favorite one,according to what they said).

I myself was busy to prepare the camera thingy and after most of the guests (including her friends and family,relatives,etc etc) the party finally take in.
Kenley and Feona took part as the MCs and ask the guests to enjoy their lunch, with kenley as the first-volunteered-person to taste the dishes LOL.

In the middle of lunch,the one that were having their plane delayed finally entered the door hahaha (Aji,Desilia,Ivaldy and Willy).
When most of the guests already combated their hungry stomach,a performance begin.
Rivaldi played "Right here waiting for you" solo with guitar,which turned out great and inviting applauses and encores.
Next there's a game arranged for clearing the atmosphere.
A total of 4 persons should advance to the stage to repeat what Wellie said:
kingkongeakongkongkakkingkongkingkongeakongekongkongphakbo or something like that,longer perhaps hahaha.
The contestant were Corwin,Nekmud,Wenny,and Willy (Most,perhaps all of them were forced to participate lol). 

       Rules : the one that had the least similarity with the original one lose,and should be punished for their doing hahahaa.
At last,corwin and wenny passed it while nekmud and willy both failed.
Punishment executed,nekmud should sing happy birthday to avie while willy dance for it LOL.

Moving up to the next event, the group band which I mentioned before had risen up from their seat,proudly performed their main song "Besame Mucho"

ALU also contributed a song for this birthday party,btw the mike was hold by kenley,didn't it hurt to be stiffen like that?

 Next to the next,another "competition" played in,it's about who drink the fastest is win,at first it may be looked easy just to drain a glass of water.......if it's really a water.
Actually the thing is a water+salt=salt solution and comes up really salty. We knew this at once when Ivaldy (left one) startled and spilled some water from his mouth and said : "kiam e" LOL.
But in the progress of match,while ALU (middle) and Kevin (right) lead the match,Ivaldy sucked up the liquid rapidly, caused him to had his victory.
The main event. The birthday cake,make a wish and blowing out the candlelit,accompanied by her family :)
*Unfortunately I had limited amount of photo during this section,since I used a handycam(owned by Avie's father) to record the event.

It's 1 AM already,should have a sleep soon otherwise I would be in trouble.
Let the photos talk this time :)

CHEERS!!! :D :D :D
Thanks for the awesome party Avie!!!

P.S : Looks like the layout of my post is way too "small" LOL,
most of the photos crossed the border and things,should edit it right away tomorrow~~~

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