Saturday, April 2, 2011

A New Beginning! :D

Hello blogspot!!! :D
Long time no see,LOL~~~
well,after a lot of mind fussing and decision,I decided to turn my steer back to this,well,simple-yet-complicated personal site. Leaving my LiveJournal account since I have a problem everytime I try to upload photos.

Long story short,enough with the complaints.
It's more preferable to post what's being discussed frequently though.
I'll post some of the post which connected to the past if there's any encounter that relink it back.
Well,tonight,or "this morning" is more correct,
me,@hardiansyahx,@J_Angellee,and @nathalichristy rumbled the twitter timeline with pokemon tweets.
@jimmyleonardo participated too for "a little while" since he want "to prepare" his math B).

For some info,
actually I had played this Pokemon Black and White (*I played white version) in the translated rom made by the fans,and it's far enough already.
well,news got passed and my friends told me that the official US version was out.
I have some contradiction back then,
since my pokemon team is quite strong already,it would take a lot of time to imitate this one for sure.
But Decision being taken,I chose to restart the journey with a new game in the US official one.
Now the game has progressed till the 3rd town,half of my team were already completed.
Looking forward for tomorrow to finish it up B)

It's nearly 2 A.M. pals.
Guess that the time is up,gotta hit the bed very soon with this eyebag LOL.
 Good Midnight!

Cheers! :)

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