Monday, April 25, 2011

Last day of third grader

April 14th,2011
IT IS finally the last day of usual school activities for third grader and as much as expected,
cameras ready,poses cracked,and rackets filled the air.
Not any single one of third grader that doesn't participate in their class activities,
Everyone trying to make as many memories as possible since well,it is the last day.
First break,
Our President and committee of ELDS gathered all their members from each sec lead to take a picture.

This is the ELDS Generation for this year,and I believe it's the most superb student organization ever founded beside the student committee itself :p
Many thanks and gratitude devoted to our sec lead,Yunita and Geoffrey since without them,
We will not stand as firm as we are now,
We will see that 6 persons arguing about one out-of-the-way topic,
and We will fall before knowing how good and enjoyable a class with them.
Honestly,we already done a deep conversation about this in our last ELDS class where everyone confess their one-year feelings toward this extra-curricular.

Second break,
The seniors were gathering up at the school plaza and captured a great photo to commemorate the last day.
To count, theMask,Musketeers,VOC,Coins,Cuarto,and Sensor class were present...

The next break,afternoon break,

Acceleration members of theMask traveled to other class with a sign-a-petition-like-event hahaha,
collecting signatures and wishes from people.

Overall,the day went great.
But in my dissatisfaction,the BP teacher scolded the seniors out of the school after the last sundial dreams rang and they gathered once again for another photos.
Such a shame,it's their last day so what's wrong with it??
End of the post I see

P.S : Photos can wait,sorry if the post seems stiff or clumsy,haven't typing for some time,hahaha....

Photo of the day ; Just what on earth did this guy do!? LOL

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