Sunday, April 3, 2011


My friends tweets remind me that their time from now till they step out proudly as an alumni of SMA SUTOMO 1 is only 2 weeks left....
Well,truth to be told,it's not only they who develop this "lose".
It's partly felt by us too,who has befriended them since the start of this senior high school to the present.
There'll be no more "Aksel gina" who usually come to our class,rocking our twitter timeline,late night discussion and et cetera....
Thinking about their choice to give a shot at the acceleration class,did they regret it?
Did they ever think if only they're in plus/regular classes,they'll be given one more year prolongation to spend?
But after seeing their tweets,I reconciled to the fact that neither one of them were disappointed by the choice to enter the acceleration class,without that decision and daring,there would be no 20 persons in #themask right now who share day and afternoon with full of laughter and joy :)

Time just flowing too quick :/
the stream is high I guess........

One more pitiful lose is that the senior,especially if I need to mention,
the #Musketeers, this year generation of XII Science 1 which exceeded every aspect of what thou called an "unity".
All of their personnel depicted awesomeness in many variety.
And thanks to them,our senior that we are here today,supported by their motivation and help in the past which became our backbone and faith to keep.
It's just.....
when I'm in my first year of SMA Sutomo 1,senior's graduation means nothing to me,and i expect it'll be the same too for the next year.
But it's totally wrong.
Did such kind of perfect togetherness and solidness ever exist?
Yes,I've seen it with my very eyes,they exist. The living fact of this case were the people from XII Science 1.
One for all and All for one has been their motto.
Destiny plays, about 50 persons joined the class and every one of them are hospitable and rocks!

The only sorrow that left is we're not ready yet to be a "senior" or whatever it's called.
A third-grader "usually" should be an example to the sophomore and freshmen,
But comparing to what #Musketeers could give and what we can give is undeniably hopeless :/

At the very last,I hope every single person at the third-grade and XII Aksel to be successful and content in every route that he/she had chose full-heartedly.
Best Regards. :)

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