Thursday, April 14, 2011

Till we see again!

February 14th.....they said it was called "valentine" day.
March 14th.........they said it was called "white" day.
April 14th...........we said it was called "parting" day.

Time flies,clock ticks and alarm rings.
It's finally the 14th of April 2011 which means the last school day of third grader in SUTOMO 1 senior high school.
Morning,breaks,and lunchtime spent to capture every last moment before Sundial Dreams ended everything at 2.45 P.M. Caused a tremendous amount of losing "something" that has been last for years; SCHOOL.
No more morning routine,no more traffic jam,no more absence count.
A holiday is great because we know SCHOOL would end the gap, and the pleasure to resist the laxness is unbelievably strong yet while in the same time we want to greet our friends back and say : "How's your holiday!?"

Well,all of it already come to an end for our senior XII Aksel,XII Science and XII Social.
There must be an end to something that even last exceptionally sturdy, and today is the day where all classes formally dismissed. After the National Examination that will take place the following week, third grader of our school are unmistakably regarded as "half-graduated".

We know it's hard yet sad to lose something that has been our daily activities for decade.
But unfortunately due to our status as a second grader,which mean there's one more year for us to finally wear their shoes. In opposite,we did and do lose something slightly different. Our senior.

No more older persons to blame.
No more older persons to decide.
No more older persons to dominate.
No more older persons to be proud for.
No more older persons to be compete for.
No more older persons to be example for.
All because we ourselves are going to be a "senior" in a matter of time.

Long story short. A parting is just a change on the road called Life Street. Graduation means you are taking different route with other person so your route won't be straightforward anymore, it's unique yet interesting where this guidelines will take you later on.
Communication will be needed to be still keep in touch with other persons,but then why Facebook,Twitter,and Blackberry are created in the first place?

That's it for all today Don't feel like posting further on due to a mild reminisce of things.

Till we see again,Seniors!
Someday the day will come for sure!!
Bye TheMask,Musketeers,VOC,Coins,Censor and every senior !!!!!

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